Connecting Pharmacy to the Nation’s Largest ePrescribe Network


Rx Linc's commitment and industry expertise to Pharmacy Technology has allowed us to expand into a Premier ePrescribe transaction network. We work with many leading pharmacy management systems to provide the telecommunications infrastructure and industry know-how to deliver a fast and reliable national network for ePrescribe communications. With over a decade of ePrescribing experience, Rx Linc understands the responsibility and vital need to provide a customer centric communications network.

Rx Linc’s ePrescribe solutions include:

  1. Complete vendor testing for ePrescribing best practices, certification, and implementation
  2. Ongoing support and case log management
  3. Account management
  4. Continued certification support for industry advancement and changes like EPCS (electronic controlled substances)

Certification Support for Software Vendors

Rx Linc is committed to certification success. We strive to make the certification process defined with clear expectations of what is required from the software application to meet industry standards. With extensive pharmacy knowledge and over a decade of ePrescribe experience, we provide a unique perspective that contributes to a more user friendly product.

Technical Support

We provide support to both pharmacies and software vendors when faced with ePrescribe challenges. Our support includes daily case log management to resolution, prompt status updates, and 24x7 network monitoring and support.

Directory management services

We work to ensure customer’s profiles are accurate and up-to-date allowing pharmacies to make needed transitions with minimal service impact.

Account activation services

We work closely with software vendors to ensure that any new and existing customers are set up correctly to expedite services.